Project Rudong, Nantong, China (August 2016)

Liter of Light Netherlands is partly funding this project from Liter of Light China among other sponsors.

The following is the project proposal by Liter of Light China. Liter of Light Netherlands is just a partner for this project.


Liter of Light China is a new chapter of the global movement. We have already gained the approval from the county authorities and we will also provide teaching sessions for villagers.

The Objective Of Our Organisation:

Lighting condition is not very ideal in most rural area in China. Some regions are especially underdeveloped due to limited economic investments and inconvenient transportation methods. Some households in extremely impoverished area like Yunnan may not even have sufficient lighting during the day. Using electric lamps generates costs that may be very significant in the family’s budget and hence may family begrudge wasting too much money on lighting. It is very bad for eyesight, especially when there are children in the family who have to study and do homework every day. Lighting is even more important during the night, and in order to save money, many families use light bulbs that have already exceeded their lifespan or are manufactured with low quality. The lighting condition can be very dim and even detrimental to the eyesight.

More commonly, in many villages in the countryside of China, there is only minimal street lighting and it is so dark that the surrounding is barely visible with only a hint of moonlight. It is firstly very inconvenient as people must use flashlight to travel at night and it is very dangerous for car drivers or motor riders. In some places, the harsh and rugged paths have also made it impossible to configure a systematic and sophisticated lighting network.

Considering the above difficulties and problems, we find Liter Of Light our optimal solution. Liter Of Light now has three major components: Daylight Bottle, Nightlight Solution and Streetlights, each targeting different aspects of essential lighting with optimised technology and economical and environmental benefits. The objective of our project is to provide better lighting solution with minimal environmental pollution at significantly reduced cost for impoverished or underdeveloped area in China. At the same time, we would like to train some of the local residents about simple knowledge of our lighting solutions so that they can create daylight bottles and assemble or repair simple electronic circuits by themselves. In this way, self-sustainability can be pursued. We will start by engaging activities with one or two of the selected villages and gradually increase our scope of influence. We would like to raise awareness for the poor lighting conditions in some rural area of China and call for more interested individuals to join us as volunteers and have a impact on the society.

Our project is a long-term movement and we will help various villages. We are planning to do our first activity in the summer of 2017. The first village that we intend to help build lights is located in Rugao, Nantong, a village in Jiangsu Province.

Below is the background information of our first project and our organisation:


Overview of Rudong County:

Rudong County is governed under the provincial government of Nantong, and locates in the middle of Jiangsu province, an area known for its poverty. The county takes 128 km2, with 60k population. Among them, only 2,980 live in the county centre; the rest spreads around 14 different farming areas far from the centre, with no streetlights from each other. Crime rate at night is relatively high and students feel very unsafe going back home from school.


There will be 20 volunteers: 4 of our members of organising team, 14 college and high school students, and 2 photographers. All fees will be paid by Liter of Light China. Volunteers will be divided in 5 groups, each in charge of 8 lights.


The type of lights we are going to install this time is the street lights. We strictly follow the materials lists provided by Liter of Light Netherlands. All materials will be procured on Alibaba’s Taobao platform. Volunteers will arrive on 5th and will be trained on the same day. We will complete the installation on 6th and will provide education session to villagers on 7th. All volunteers will live in local homestay.


What enduring benefits will the project leave behind?

There is significant amount of benefits that our project can generate for the society. Firstly, the lighting conditions in the impoverished area that we are targeting will be significantly improved from then on. Our project will bring enormous convenience to our beneficiary and very likely reduce the incident rate of traffic accidents at night in those area with poor or no street lighting.

All the lighting solutions are easy to assemble and the materials are highly accessible and recyclable in real life. Therefore, it is also natural and intuitive that we educate and train the local residents to learn how to make them and repair the lighting system when necessary. We will create booklets and hold workshops for the local residents. In this way, the villages can be benefited by becoming self-sustainable and their infrastructure can be improved on a long term basis.

Last but not least, our project is in response to the global open source movement Liter Of Light and our localisation in China will increase its impact all over the world and raise awareness of it in China’s society. We, as youth volunteers, can inspire more teenagers in China and all over the world to devote their energy and passion into helping others and benefiting the communities around them.