Project Buenos Aires, Argentinia (October/November 2013)

The first project

Liter of Light Netherlands´ first project took place from the 26th of October until the 3rd of November 2013 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. During the long months of research and gathering information in advance of the project, Liter of Light Netherlands built up a good relationship with a local environmental NGO, namely Manos Verdes. This gave Liter of Light Netherlands a better view on the local circumstances, get first hand data and learn about the argentine living and working mentality. This information laid perfect grounds for a successful project planning – structurally, logistically and financially. Three students flew to Argentina with the mission to start the solar bottle movement in Argentina, facilitate the long-term operation and define the strategic relationship between the Argentine and Dutch collaborators. In order to acquire as many supporters as possible, the project was presented to the Dutch and German chamber of commerce as well to the Dutch ambassador. Furthermore, the students presented the project to local and international schools and to the University of Buenos Aires. The idea received very positive feedback from the Argentinian students. They were willing to join the local movement as volunteers.

The cooperation with Manos Verdes and Liter of Light Switzerland contributed greatly to the big success of Liter of Light Netherlands’ pilot project. Additionally, Manos Verdes agreed upon including Liter of Light Netherlands as an individual project within their project portfolio. They made this decision because of the projects’ similarities in their concern about environmental pollution and in finding sustainable recycling solutions. Liter of Light Netherlands and Manos Verdes therefore set up an organizational framework for future long-term activities in Argentina such as bottle-building workshops for volunteers and determining the market demand for solar bottle bulbs. For now, it appeared that the market demand for light is higher in the rural areas of Argentina. Therefore Liter of Light Netherlands is planning bottle implementations in the northern region of Argentina called Salta. Even though a lot was achieved during the eight days the three students spent in Argentina, a lot more can and has to be done. Therefore, Liter of Light Netherlands continues setting up fund-raising projects and research activities about new forms and locations to install the bottles.

Liter of Light Netherlands hopes that you are just as fascinated as we are by this simple, yet very effective idea and are in consequence willing to support us – financially or by spreading the idea.