How we started

Liter of Light Netherlands is an ecologic foundation set up by Maastricht University students in the spring of 2013.

After doing her semester abroad at the University of St. Gallen and getting to know the Swiss Liter of Light chapter, Dorothea Kissling returned to Maastricht with the vision of a Dutch Liter of Light.  Liter of Light Switzerland was the first student-based organization in the global movement. After discussing the idea with her friends, Michaela Wrede, Friederike Engeland, Sabrina Ullrich and Inga Meyer joined forces with her to set up Liter of Light Netherlands in the spring of 2013.

The team consists of an international group of students who participate on a voluntary basis. Furthermore, Liter of Light Netherlands is included in the European network and collaborates with Liter of Light Switzerland, Romania and France and even the worldwide Liter of Light movement. The main goals are raising awareness about the issue of electricity scarcity, organizing projects in suitable countries and fund-raising in order to finance our projects.

So what does Liter of Light Netherlands exactly do?

Liter of Light Netherlands aims at realizing projects in suitable countries with the purpose of establishing a local Liter of Light sub-organization and its work is threefold. Prior to the project, the work focuses mainly on gathering information, preparing the projects, promoting and fundraising. During the projects abroad, the project focuses on spreading the idea and inspiring people to get involved with Liter of Light and even starting their own project. Therefore, empowering the partner organization is a major goal and includes holding bottle-building workshops on site and setting up an operational framework. After the project, the partner organizations will be assisted and continuously supported by Liter of Light Netherlands.